Empower and scale your business through digital innovations.

It Thoughts technologies provides a wide range of IT digital transformation consulting services and solutions to help companies leverage technology to compete in modern digital world.

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Digital Transformation Consulting

Accelerate your business through technology and take your company to the modern Cloud Era with our help, so you can focus on your business while we do the technology heavy-lifting.

With an ambitious and yet achievable digital transformation roadmap we will help you quantify the value gained for your business through technology, select right technology stack, design reference architecture and guide your digital journey every step of the way.


Our Expertise

With over 12 years of experience, we were arguably one of the first companies to adopt digital transformation as a practice to leverage technology for business

Our team of experts possess diverse skill set, agile at heart, promote collaboration and adopt cutting-edge as well as industry-standard best practices. We are dedicated to build high-quality stable and scalable solutions that are engineered to bring growth to your business.

We have enabled classic retailers to go digital. We have automated DevOps pipelines before it became a trend. We have designed e-commerce platforms and search engines before it was called Data Science. We have deployed data warehouses and real-time data analytics systems before it became Big & Fast Data. We have developed multi-purpose bots before they were called Machine Learning. We've been there and done that.


What We Offer

A reliable strategy to ensure the correct and cost-efficient allocation of resources, timely delivery, short time-to-market and incremental value for your business


Define success condition through business metrics

Your business KPI metrics should guide the strategic technology investment and measure the results we plan to achieve together


Define technology roadmap

Map out the digital transformation process through sensible milestones that deliver actual incremental value to your business.


Architect optimal solution

Leverage innovative approach, existing blueprints and best practices to architect a perfect technological solution to suit your business needs.

turn your ideas into reality

Our services

We love turning amazing ideas into awesome products that make the world a better place!
We make it happen by building stable, cost-efficient infrastructure systems and robust CI/CD pipelines for software delivery. We will ensure your project succeeds.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Consulting Services and Solutions by It Thoughts technologies aim to optimize your business operations and efficiency, IT infrastructure assets, Cloud-Native product releases and information security.

DevOps Solutions

It Thoughts technologies provides DevOps Consulting Services and Solutions with GitHub/GitLab and Jenkins for Continuous Integration, Deployment and Delivery Pipeline, as well as workflows streamlining and automation.

Data Science Solutions

Streaming and Real Time Data Science Services by It Thoughts technologies for data ingestion and analysis to enable real time decision making, behavioural analytics, fraud prevention, personalized experience and more.

Big & Fast Data Processing

It Thoughts technologies data experts can engineer a robust and secure Big Data infrastructure warehousing solution and define and develop the transparent data pipeline for storage and analysis to deliver valuable insights into your business data.

Application Development

It Thoughts technologies software developers have ample experience with agile product development and are able to deliver all kinds of software and web applications to enhance and improve the experience of your customers.

Machine Learning Solutions

The R&D specialists of It Thoughts technologies can Integrate the latest Machine Learning and AI technologies to revolutionize your data processing and business prediction modeling algorithms.

Blockchain Solutions

A It Thoughts technologies specialized Blockchain company OpenWare helps startups and enterprises to get full advantage of Distributed Ledger Technology solutions to improve business efficiency, security and transparency for a wide range of industries such as finance, retail, governance and healthcare.

Blockchain Development

A It Thoughts technologies' company OpenWare develops comprehensive open source Blockchain solutions for asset tokenization as well as trading of blockchain-based digital assets, cryptocurrencies and security tokens.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Every company's journey to the cloud is different, but the benefits of scalability, reliability, security and cost-efficiency of moving your infrastructure to the cloud are undeniable, being able to steadily grow and scale your business while having to cover the costs of only the resources you consume.

Whether you are just pondering how to leverage cloud capabilities for your business, or a seasoned cloud adopter looking into optimizing your infrastructure and reducing expenses, It Thoughts technologies can help you define and implement your cloud strategy.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Integration

Cloud Analytics

Cloud Optimization

Cloud Migration

Cloud Development

Cloud Testing

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Upgrade

Google Cloud Computing

Amazon Cloud Computing

Azure Cloud Computing

AliCloud Computing

Cloud Support and System Administration


DevOps Solutions

The continuous delivery of new code and features to your products with reduced time to market is essential for any company, while maintaining the reliability, security and compliance of this process.

The It Thoughts technologies DevOps (Developer to Operations) team enables this by using the best innovative and industry-standard practices, cloud features and flexible tools to design, develop and maintain cost-effective cloud infrastructure along with continuous integration and automation of your business workflows.

Rapid development, innovation and automation

Continuous code release, testing, deployment and monitoring

Stability and reliability with cloud-based environment

Improved development quality and team collaboration

Staying competitive with rapid response to market changes

Implementation of new features and products on the fly

Faster time to market from idea to product

Secure environment of company digital warehousing


Data Science Solutions

Employ mathematical modeling and deep learning techniques for the analysis of raw data to reveal powerful insights into your business development, trends and customer behaviour.

Data Science is an emerging technology and at its core is a business intelligence on steroids. It Thoughts technologies Data Science division has respectable math background and is able to understand, articulate and build mathematical models to extract useful new insights from your raw business data. The implementation of recent Machine and Deep learning techniques also brings a continuous cycle of improvement and understanding of the raw data analytics.

Economic modeling based on machine and deep learning

Decision automation for supply and demand chain

Predictive maintenance

Fraud prevention

Inventory, supply and demand forecasting

Customer intelligence and offer personalization

Marketing, pricing and promotion optimization

Data management and spatial analysis


Big & Fast Data Processing

Every company generates vast amounts of Big Data over the course of their existence as a part of their normal production process and interactions with their customers, which brings the necessity of mining, storage and integration of Big Data with the addition of real-time analysis as Fast Data to extract valuable insights into your business operations.

It Thoughts technologies specialists provide enterprise-grade engineering solutions to identify, secure and govern your key data with right management and visualization platforms and tools

Make better business decisions based on data and analytics

Manage risks more effectively

Enterprise data strategy

Data governance and cataloguing services

Real Time and Stream processing and analytics

DevOps for Big Data

Cloud data warehousing

Data mining, integration and storage


Application Development

Applications are the lifeblood of modern business. The interface, content, relevance and performance of your applications are critical for delivering productive and positive experience to both your internal and external customers.

As the design principles, open-source frameworks, engineering and DevOps practices to support application development evolve with blazing speed, It Thoughts technologies can help you modernize you tech stack and build cloud-native applications for both desktop and mobile platforms .

Meticulous requirements gathering

Simple and powerful User Interface design

Prototyping and proof-of-concept research

Agile development sprints

Dedicated project management

Highly-qualified development

Relentless QA

Seamless deployment and integration

100% compliance to SLAs

Multi-level support services

Maintenance and regular updates

Security hardening


Machine Learning Solutions

It Thoughts technologies software engineers design and implement AI driven platforms and cognitive automation systems that understand and pursue business objectives

We offer a wide range of revolutionary techniques from AI development services for enhancing dialogue between human and machine along with voice recognition systems, content recognition systems, virtual staff and bots, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to configuring existing AI tools of Google, Amazon and Azure Cloud Services.

Real Time processing and analysis

Heuristic detection of anomalies

Learn-by-doing systems

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Voice and content recognition

Virtual staff and bots


Blockchain Solutions

Distributed Ledger Technology has drastically changed the layout of modern digital playground, and Blockchain strategies and implementation are the most recent development. Blockchain resolves the problems of distributed data delivery, data personalization and encrypted distributed data storage.

While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the most popular examples of Blockchain tech usage, the actual DLT has a broad range of uses, ranging from financial field to real estate, healthcare, taxation, accounting and much more.

Key features of Blockchain development include security, transparency and safety of assets. Blockchain reduces the circle back of information between departments and companies. Blockchain helps to overcome international barriers by completely circumventing the necessity of currency exchange between parties.

All of this is made possible by digitizing (tokenizing) assets and using crypto-currencies and token offerings such as ICOs, STOs and UTOs to handle transactions instead of hard offline assets. With Blockchain, all business operations can be performed with transparency and security.


Blockchain Development

It Thoughts technologies has an extensive experience and a history of success with Blockchain technology development, which has prominently evolved into OpenWare - our daughter company, specifically dedicated to Blockchain technologies R&D and Engineering.

OpenWare specializes in financial exchange, digital asset management and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) implementation for everyday businesses.

Asset tokenization and exchange

Cut the cost of financial transactions

Streamline and secure your financial operations

Optimize your asset management

Secure crowdfunding and investment

Blockchain Consulting

Crypto Exchange and Wallets Development

ICO Launch

STO Development

DLT Implementation and Development

Smart Contracts Development

Hyperledger Development

Multichain Development

Decentralized Apps Development

Private, Consortium and Public Blockchains Development


Tech Stack

Cutting-edge and industry-standard technologies we use to empower your business.


Development Framework

You can be involved in the development process as much as you like from the go word till product release, participating in the whole development cycle, controlling the process and making corrections at any stage of design and development.



The practice of researching and discovering the system requirements from users, customers, and other stakeholders.



Experience design, prototyping and proof-of-concept research.



Generate the actual code. If previous steps have been followed with attention to detail, this is actually the easiest part.



Testing and QA for defects and deficiencies, both automated and manual. See if the development result is holding up to original specs, and get a feel if the original specs were actually good concept.



Set up workshops and cloud environment, and deploy the new solution or integrate into existing one.



No lab experiments can reflect the interactions of the live environment. The conditions of the real world change, and the solution needs to adapt and evolve along with it through regular updates and improvements.



Early open source technology adopter, we are focused on the legacy modernization and digital transformation market with our Continuous Delivery Platform for mainframe systems (CDP)

IT Thoughts Consulting a SC Venture Start-up IT Services Company based in Bangalore, Chennai & Singapore, We provide complete digital transformation, optimization and modernization solutions for clients from all industries around the world.

What makes us the best choice to work with?

Extensive technology expertise

We have years of experience behind our belts working on projects of any level of complexity from ERP and Ecommerce platforms to Cloud-Native Application Development, Cloud Containerization and Workflows Automation.

Understanding business objectives

We leverage technology to serve your business and not the other way around. Any project that we undertake has to deliver sensible and incremental value to your business.

Simple and fair service pricing

The project cost, commitment cycle and optimal team size to deliver your solution will depend on complexity of the project and the features that you want, and will be discussed on a per-sprint basis. No hidden or surprise fees.

Agile approach

We follow the software development industry best Project Management practices and process with Agile methodology and using Scrum and Kanban task tracking for optimal time and effort allocation.

Transparent collaboration and QA

Our CTO, Architects and Senior Developers always participate in code reviews to ensure the code quality and transparency. We use Jira and Confluence as the main project management systems, providing our customers with the possibility to track and influence the development process in real time.

Regular updates and caring support

We do not produce abandonware. As the online environment of our solutions and applications is constanly changing in the modern world, so do evolve our techniques, technology stack and security hardening. “It is not the strongest or the smartest who survive - it is those who constantly evolve and adapt to ever-changing environment” - Mr. Charles Darwin got that one right.